Arrival & Departure

ARRIVE and DEPART - Retreats June 8-Oct.5:


Lunch is not served on arrival day. Guests are welcome for supper the first evening: 5:30PM on retreat. Week-long retreats open at 7PM and close with 8AM Eucharist and breakfast. Early arrivals or late departures MUST be requested in advance. If early or late days fall within another retreat, arrangements cannot be confirmed until June. A donation is expected for added days.

PLEASE BRING:  Bible, extension cord, fan (upper floors are often very hot), coffee mug to reduce use of disposable cups, mosquito repellent, sun screen, towels, laundry soap, cloth napkin if you wish.

PROVIDED:  Bicycles, iron/ironing board, pay laundry machines, bed linens (but towels are NOT provided; BRING TOWELS ).

DRESS:  Casual. Shirts/shoes required: Chapel, Dining Room, Kitchen.

TELEPHONE:  609-884-8878, main house, please call only between 9:00 and 11:00AM during retreat. CALLS FOR GUESTS: MESSAGES ONLY PLEASE.

If there is urgent need to speak with a guest directly, please arrange in advance for the guest to be near the phone when you call. Try to avoid calls on the opening day of retreat. The phone available to guests requires a phone card for long distance.

BEACH:  The house is on the beach. Beach tags are provided for a $5 donation plus a $5 refundable deposit.

DIET:   If you need regular menu items prepared differently, such as low-fat, low-salt, or vegetarian items, please inform the kitchen staff upon arrival. If you need specialized alternatives that are not routinely stocked by our kitchen, please bring them with you and inquire about refrigerated storage space.

RESERVATIONS:  Most retreat spaces are reserved by mid-June. Before mailing a reservation after April 15, please call to learn whether there is any space. Responses to telephone inquiries and mailed reservations will be delayed from May 28 to June 11 while the office is being set up at Cape May Point.